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Spring-Inspired Fashion Shoot

May 20, 2020

In the beginning stages of this shoot, I envisioned all things pretty like white linen clothing, fresh fruits and florals, warm sunlight, rose in pretty antique glasses.. spring at its finest. With a vision in mind, I started to plan. Model is Emily Vaughan wearing Majorelle. And I have to say, the dress really made this shoot. When I finalized my creative concept for this shoot, we then had to put together her look and since she was home on Hilton Head Island from DC escaping the pandemic like many others, she had very little with her. So, we resorted to the trustworthy Revolve (filter: white dresses- those who know, know). I sent Emily links to the dresses that I liked and of course, she chose impeccably. This dress just has so much character on its own- the low cut and flared sleeves, the tie on the back.. it's a killer dress. And then throw Emily in it and you got a look! As for the props, it was a mixture of borrowing items from family, Emily's mom supplied the antique glasses, my sis-in-law lended me her adorable picnic basket, a few pieces from my own inventory, and finishing up details with Publix flowers, a grapefruit, and rose. 

At first, I couldn't get happy with a location. I wanted a field of flowers or at the least, a garden with pretty florals and pops of color. After much looking and asking around, I settled on a green park in downtown Beaufort and boy did it end up working flawlessly. The space had wild, white blooms growing in the grass and I just loved how the tiny pops of white tied in with Emily's dress and just made it look even more like a spring-inspired shoot! The next big element is of course, SUNLIGHT! We decided to shoot in the morning and honestly, golden hour has some competition because every time I have a morning session I fall more in love with it. The morning sun is soft, yet it still has the warmth you want and this lighting was absolutely perfect for the aesthetic of this spring-inspired fashion shoot. The final images turned out EXACTLY how I imagined, if not better. I'm really proud of these photos. They are some of my favorites to date. I hope it brings some inspiration to you.. xx

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