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Hilton Head Island Couple's Session at Sunset

May 12, 2020

Caroline and I were wanting to collaborate on something together, so I suggested doing a fun, adventure couple's session with her bf, Taylor. My first thought was a sunrise session on a garage rooftop and we both loveddd the idea, we just needed to make sure Taylor was on board first. Meanwhile we pondered other ideas, like a casual + romantic beach session at sunsest. Well, we all ended up loving both concepts and decided to do BOTH! So we saw the sun rise on a garage rooftop and saw the sun set on a beach all in a day- it was really such a fun experience. Everyone was at ease, all eager to create and do anything to get "the shot", such as Caroline bossing up and running around barefoot on a beach just ONE day after a toe surgery! (In some photos you can see the bandage on her big toe). You guys I'm not making this up. That was the kind of energy during these sessions- fun, energetic, romantic, indie-feel, and raw- I think we really executed those emotions in these photos and don't get me started on the b&w's.. they are some of my favorite photos I've ever taken. XO, enjoy!  

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