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Bronzy Swimwear Fashion Shoot

June 30, 2020

Truly, this photoshoot was a vision brought to life. Earlier this year, I knew I wanted to create something really raw and sandy. I just needed the weather to warm up and put a team together. Whereas I've worked with the lovely Caroline before, I hadn't ever worked with a makeup/hair stylist and didn't really know how the process worked to be honest. However, I took a chance and ended up booking a fabulous makeup artist and hair stylist, Joanna! 

The overall creative concept was- I'm sure you can guess- warm and bronzy! I wanted Caroline's hair to be fluffy with an old-time feel and her makeup to be bronzy and natural using browns and earthy pinks. As for the swimsuit, I didn't want to shoot Carolina in a bikini. I didn't want this to feel ultra bikini babe posing on a beach. I wanted this to feel more portraiture, while still modern and fun. We ended up with the perfect suit from Solid & Striped and situated the straps down on her shoulder so we could really capture the sand on her skin and that added Vogue feel.


I LOVE how these shots turned out! The warmth in these photos... AGH! Shoutout to my incredible team! 

Model: Caroline Molloy @carolinemolloy

Makeup & Hair: Joanna Marie @truebeautybyjoannamarie

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