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White Blazer Fashion Shoot in Heat of Summer

August 18, 2020


After seeing a few fashion campaigns for fall trends, I was on the blazer train and immediately knew I wanted to plan a shoot around a blazer. So I started my search online and found that apparently a lot of other women were looking for blazers because I could not find one that wasn't sold out. One day I was out running errands and thought I'd stop by H&M to check it out- and lucky for me found this glorious matching pant suit that was EXACTLY what I was looking for without breaking the bank. Already, I've worn this blazer several times throwing it over a mini dress or with jeans and a tank for a good dinner look. It's so perfect and I love how it photographed. 

Okay, these photos may look crisp and cool but holy cow we were dyingggg. We shot this on a Sunday morning, between 9am and 11am and I cannot describe to you how hot this morning was. Not only was it hot and humid, but there was hardly ANY breeze. So Joana (hair/makeup artist) and I were trying to keep Emily's (model) hair fluffed and prevent her makeup from running. Even the sand was hot, you guys! It was brutal conditions to work in. 

To be honest.. I had no clue what kind of photos I was getting for these beach shots. I could barely see my screen. I directed Emily, made sure my focusing points were good to go, and left the rest up to chance. Looking at these photos now, I couldn't be happier with how these turned out! 

Part 2 of this shoot we shot on the beach and in some palms. I hadn't planned on this but we left the direct sunlight on the beach because of the heat and harsh lighting. I ended up getting some of my favorite ever shots from this. That just goes to show that you can plan all you want, but go with the flow!